Types of Sponsorship


KLPR Sponsorship

If you choose the KLPR Sponsorship your sponsorship money will be going towards helping a pooch we have in our custody. You will be helping with things like vet bills to a comfy bed to sleep on at night and get to directly see how far your sponsorship money has gone through regular updates. There's always something else that can improve their quality of life and you can be the person to provide it for them.

You will receive updates on your pooch at least once a month.

Capture & Release SPONSORSHIP

The stray population in parts of Malaysia is undoubtedly increasing, even locally we see new litters every month. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to take in these pooches however we can help reduce these numbers in the future by neutering and releasing current strays. We also make sure the stray pooches have a clean bill of health before we release them to prevent the spread of disease, viruses and other ailments.

You will receive updates from every stray neutered and released.

Construction Sponsorship

We are constantly striving to provide the best care and facilities we can for our pooches which comes with a huge financial strain.

Our current projects include new kennel blocks, handicapped rehabilitation facilities, and repairs for our Makhota Cheras Centre.

You will receive monthly updates and get to see exactly where your sponsorship money has gone.