Have a worry-free holiday!

Professional photography provided by Calvin Goh

KL Pooch Rescue is an amazing place filled with big hearted, compassionate humans and much loved canines! Spread the word, there’s no better place in Malaysia to send your furkids for boarding!
— Jen

Spacious Kennels

Forget the tiny cages offered up by other pet "hotels". Your pooch deserves so much more. Our kennels are roomy enough to allow plenty of movement, yet cozy enough to give dogs a sense of security.

AMPle exercise

All boarders are exercised twice a day in our run, either alone or with other friendly dogs if they are the sociable type. Monitored swimming and gym sessions are available for a small surcharge.

Fresh food

You are what you eat. Unfortunately, most pooches we meet are big bags of dry pellets! A diet of commercially processed food will take its toll on your pet's health, which is why we prepare our own delicious mixture of ground meat and fresh blended vegetables. We also offer a range of gourmet meal options from Pet Daddy, Furrenz and Scrumptious, thoughtfully prepared using premium ingredients.


Since the day we opened our doors, owners have paid a standard fee whether they own a Great Dane or a Chihuahua. Why, you ask? Because the majority of rescued Malaysian dogs are medium to large sized. By offering the same low rate across the board, we avoid penalizing those noble people who chose to adopt instead of buy.