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Since 2011, we have made the highest standard of care available to victims of abuse, abandonment and injury.


Our Mission

We aim to be a self-sustainable animal welfare organisation that is primarily funded by revenue from boarding and other services. Having an income stream independent of public donations ensures that our residents have access to immediate medical treatment, quality food, a hygienic environment and the best handicapped aids on the market today.

We can only care for so many dogs at a time and our shelters are currently at capacity. Having to turn down pooches in need is constantly heartbreaking and takes it's toll, to counter this we hope to educate people on why it is important to neuter/spay their puppies and over time see a decrease in strays on the streets.

If you're not able to adopt but want to help please contact us as we are always in need of an extra hand or for a heavily reduced fee from our trusted veterinary clinic we can neuter/spay your local strays so the problem of homeless pups doesn't increase. Effectively for each pooch neutered/spayed you are saving a lot more than one life as most of these pups wont have anyone to care for them and often get sick or left behind.

From the mangiest stray to the handsomest pedigree, all are equal in our eyes and deserving of love.

Our ‘ unsung heroes’! Well done and keep up with the great work that you are doing selflessly for our furry friends. The world is a better place with you all in it.
— Sophia

our commitment

  • To alleviate the suffering of animals that are victims of abuse and neglect.
  • To re-home every animal responsibly.
  • To reduce the stray population through spaying and neutering.
  • To serve with integrity, professionalism and efficiency.
  • To regard the well-being of our boarders and residents as our greatest priority.